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Parts & Accessories

Proper maintenance of your Encon® Shower and Eyewash products is made easier with our complete line of replacement parts and accessories. Contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives for assistance. 1-800-823-6266 Toll Free or customerservice@enconsafety.com

PPE Accessories

The Veratti® line of PPE accessories include lens cleaning towelettes, lens Fog Fixer® solution, and eyewear & goggle retainers - all of them designed to promote safety compliance. Continue here to find the perfect accessory for your PPE needs.

Shelters and Curtains

Just face it, if you are ever involved in a chemical event, you'll want your effected clothing off quickly to minimize exposure to your skin. Encon® offers solutions to help ensure that your exposure to the environment and to onlooking eyes is limited with Shelters and Modesty Curtains. Its the perfect addition to your existing showers.

Alarm Systems and Lighting

Ensuring that your Emergency Shower and Eye/Face Wash Equipment is adequately lighted is an importance part of the current ANSI Z358 Standard. These add-on's and replacement components allow you to go "Beyond Compliance" with the most State-of-the-Art designs and features available

Actuation Parts, Kits & Valves

The Actuation Parts Kits & Valves section allows you to choose the correct part needed for the repair of worn Emergency Shower and Eyewash Parts. For the most up to date information, check back often to this section. Or go directly to the Shower/Eyewash Equipment you own and click on the Parts or Accessory Tab for a list of currently available parts for that specific model.

Shower & Eyewash Assemblies

From time to time, even an Encon® Shower or Eye/Facewash can require component replacement. In this section, you will find replacements for your 20 and 30 GPM shower heads, eyewash and facewash heads and assemblies, and even eye/facewash covers with SS bead retainers.

Eyewash Bowls & Covers

Encon's unique Emergency Shower & Eye/Face Wash designs are the best and most recognizable in the world. The Eye/Face Wash Bowls and Covers play a large role in Encon's leadership role. From the original Yello-Bowl® to the incredible design of the 304 SS and ABS Bowl Covers, you'll find the right part or accessory for your Combination ESEW or stand-alone equipment.

Drench Hoses

Depending on the type of hazard you might have in your work area will greatly depend on the need for a Drench Hose. Drench hoses are an excellent add-on for Encon Showers, Eye/Face Washes and stand-alone solutions. Available for most of Encon's ESEW line!

Portable EW Accessories

If you have an Encon® Pressurized Portable, Gravity Fed Portable, or the new Aquarion® Sealed Cartridge Portable Eyewash, you'll find the accessories and parts for them here. You'll find the most popular replacement parts for your Encon portable and new add-on's as they become available.

Pressurized Portable Parts & Accessories

Encon's Pressurized Portables are sleek in design and have many options available. You'll replacement parts and accessories including gauges, coiled hose, eyewash assemblies, and even relief valves. Every thing you need to complete your small, mid or large pressurized portable is here.

Protection Valves

One of the reasons that Encon Safety Products last so long is we build components and provide options for our clients which help to prevent overheating or freezing issues associated with in-climate weather. Encon's protection valve options allows you to protect your shower and eyewash systems against overheating and, or freezing with freeze and scald valves. Check back often to seen new innovations from Encon®.

Testing Equipment

Making sure that your Emergency Shower and Eyewash Equipment is tested on a regular basis will ensure that it works when you need it. Encon® has the tools to ensure that your equipment is properly measured.

Signs and Signage

Having highly visible signage to go along with illumination will provide the most effective way for your workers to see where help is when they need it the most. Encon® manufactures the best optional signage available in an assortment of hi-viz colors.