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Personal Protection

Encon Safety Products helps keep workers safe by promoting compliance through performance, comfort and style. With over fifty years of experience, our diverse line of personal protection equipment continues to expand. Whether you are looking for safety eye wear or goggles, hearing protection, face protection, arc flash or heat stress protection, you can rely on the commitment to excellence from Encon Safety Products.

Safety Eyewear

The Veratti® brand of safety eyewear is synonymous with performance, durability, and style. Performance coatings include ScratchCoat®, a scratch-resistant coating to prolong the life of the lenses, ENFOG®, an anti-fog coating, and AFR®, the ultimate high-performance coating for Advanced Fog Resistance.

Protective Goggles

Encon Safety Products offers the most extensive line of protective goggles in the market. Encon® 160, 160AFR, 500, 500AFR, 750AFR, Z100, XPR36 and Encompass® line of goggles are the industry standard. We continue to raise the bar in safety and innovation with our newest product offerings.

Hearing Protection

Using high performance technologies and top grade materials, our line of hearing protection includes soft polyurethane foam plugs designed for premium comfort and fit. Earmuffs utilize thick acoustic foam, tough ABS shells and generously sized soft comfortable ear-seal foam.

Veratti® Dual Hazard Protective Clothing

Veratti FR AR™ Dual Hazard Protective Work Wear First and foremost, our new Flame Resistant Arc Rated clothing is made with high performance in mind. With utmost respect for the courageous workers that routinely confront flash fire and electrical hazards, their safety is our mission. Sturdy garments made with top grade materials and durable construction are then enhanced with added features designed to improve fit and comfort.

Arc Flash Gloves

Encon offers a full line electrician's gloves. Rubber insulating gloves are offered in 6 different voltage classes and in different sizes and colors. Our gloves have an ergonomic design to increase comfort and dexterity and to minimize fatigue. Top grain leather protectors are also available to offer total hand protection during all electrical jobs. The gloves are available as each or in kits with a carry bag for easy selection.

Protective Vests & Air Distribution Systems

Maintain maximum worker productivity and comfort with Encon's Heat Stress Protective Vests and Air Distribution Systems. Excessive heat can be a major contributor to worker fatigue resulting in possible health risks and production loss. With Encon's Heat Stress Vests and Air Distribution Systems, a micro-environment is created for the worker, providing cooling air up to 40°F less than the incoming air temperature, and much cooler than ambient temperatures.

Guard-Dogs® Safety Eyewear

If you are looking for Guard-Dogs® Safety Eyewear please follow this link to guarddogs.com.