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Shower & Eyewash

Encon Safety Products is the recognized leader in the safety products industry for Emergency Shower and Eyewash Solutions. With a rich history in ESEW product innovation and know-how, Encon continues to develop the highest quality products without cutting corners. Encon's use of heavier gauge piping and valve components provides the user with the very best solution available.

Combination Showers

Encon's Combination Emergency Shower and Eyewash Equipment provides the user with both a full body penetration as well as a localized orbital area coverage in one station. They feature self-regulating, fully dispersed, flow patterns from the eyewash, facewash, and shower heads. Encon's unique design also ensures that the flow of fluids is non-injurious; covering body and facial regions while utilizing varying hydraulic pressures from the water supply source.


Encon's standard showers feature 30 gpm (20 gpm optional) of water to irrigate and dilute full body exposures. Corrosion-resistant components meet a variety of applications. A wide range of accessories is available. Encon also offers vertical and horizontally mounted showers to fit your facilities requirements.


Encon® designs and manufactures an extensive range of quality eyewash and facewash equipment that provides first aid treatment for hazardous material exposure. Immediate treatment helps combat serious damage to delicate eye tissue that occurs within the first few seconds of exposure.

Self-Contained Portables

For areas where plumbed potable water is not available, Encon's 15 minute supply self-contained and portable eyewash stations meet ANSI Z358.1 requirements for eyewash. Encon offers several choices for self-contained eyewash stations including pressurized, gravity fed, and sealed-cartridge portables.

Tempered Water Systems

Encon's Tempered Water Systems are created with the industrial worker in mind. They provide water at temperature and flow levels consistent with current requirements. Our tempered water systems generate water at a useable temperature for a full 15 minutes and at levels sufficient to provide irrigation to affected tissue areas for the full treatment period.

Freeze Protected Showers

Encon's selection of Freeze-Protected Showers resist freezing by maintaining an internal water temperature above 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. Internal water temperatures are maintained using a thermostat controlled self-limiting heating cable on Therma-Flow® showers and a radiant heater or heating cable in the Therma-Flow® Plus product.

Water Blending Solutions

Encon's SAF-T-FLO® Fail Safe Blending Systems ensure shower of pre-set, nonadjustable, tempered water blended from location's own water supply. Minimizes hazards, maximizes human comfort and recovery. Up to 60 gpm tepid water output when supplied with sufficient volumes of hot and cold water. Available in 120V/240V, and 30 or 60 GPM options.