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Environmental Threats in the Workplace
August 24, 2012

Guard-Dogs® Aggressive Eyewear Environmental Solutions

Protecting users from environmental threats in the workplace, or at home and play, is our number one goal.  Safety Professionals and Company Safety Leaders have a great amount of responsibility when recommending specific safety eyewear.  Employees have long thought of eye protection usage as an inconvenient mandate and only after an accident occurs are the benefits of wearing the appropriate protection taken fully into consideration. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that nearly 60% of workers injured reported are not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident, the other 40% of those injured were wearing some form of eye protection the time the accident occurred.  Performing a thorough analysis of the workplace for environmental threats becomes of outmost importance, ensuring every risk is considered and analyzed. Every risk, no matter how small the probability, should be treated with equal importance. Guard-Dogs® Aggressive Eyewear offers solutions tailored to the environmental threats encountered.  These solutions are beyond compliance to the standards set by the American National Standards Institute ANSI Z87.1-2010.

To facilitate choosing the most appropriate protective eyewear given the environmental threats in any specific area, we have created easy to understand environmental labels that assist Safety Professionals in matching the threat with the protection features.


Encon has established these Protection levels as a visual aid to quickly find a solution for each Environment condition in order to utilize the appropriate Guard Dog® eyewear.  By following this simple guide, the user can ensure that the best model is match with the opposing threat.

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