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Maintenance Tip #1 - Valves
May 22, 2012


Maintenance Tip #1

submitted by Jerry Strekal, Encon's Northeast Regional Sales Manager


scald and freeze valves

“The freeze valve and scald valve on my freeze protected shower continually drip.”


The best way to attempt to correct the problem is to turn off the water supply to the shower and unscrew the valves. Place the freeze valve in ice water in order for it to open. Next, screw on an air hose to blow out any debris. Now, place the freeze valve in warm water so it closes. Making sure that it operates correctly, replace back on the shower.


Conversely with the scald valve, place it in hot water for it to open and again screw on an air hose to blow out any debris. Next place it in cold water for it to close and screw it back into your shower.


Remember your freeze/scald valves are set up like a faucet, freeze on the right and scald on the left as you are facing the shower. Maintenance is required annually for these valves.

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