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Self-Contained Pressurized 37-gallon with Insulating Jacket

We perform under pressure!

Self-contained pressurized eyewash and drench stations from Encon® are ideal solutions for work areas lacking plumbed potable water, or as a temporary solution during plant turnarounds

The heat reflective and insulating jacket provides the 37-gallon vessel with an effective barrier that helps prevent the flushing fluid from reaching unusable temperatures. 

Encon's 37-gallon stainless steel vessels are ASME rated and CRN registered for full compliance in the USA, Canada, and throughout Latin America.

  • Available with and without transport carts
  • Insulating and heat reflective jacket available for 37-gallon unit only
  • Heated 120 VAC C1D2 Gr. BCD Eyewash option is available for 13 gallon unit
  • Encon's Hydrosep® water additive proven effective for 180 days in sealed pressurized units