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An ounce of summer prepration for a pound of winter piece of mind...


Therma-Flow® Freeze Protection

Encon's Freeze-Protected Showers resist freezing by maintaining an internal water temperature above 50°F. Internal water temperatures are maintained using a thermostat controlled self-limiting heating cable on Therma-Flow showers and a radiant heater or heating cable in the Therma-Flow Plus product. Encon® offers a customized model selection, allowing you to design a product that meets the specific needs of your facility.

  • High-visibility yellow, green or orange UV-inhibited, ABS plastic covers resist chemical and environmental deterioration
  • High-limit thermostat safeguards against scalding water
  • Remote and local alarm capability with either horn, bell, tone and flashing light selection
  • Insulated, heat-traced extension option to protect underground water supply piping
  • CSA approved with UL and FM components 

Therma-Flow® Freeze-Protected Showers are custom designed to meet the specific electrical and configuration needs for your facility - incorporating your local, corporate safety, electrical, mechanical and maintenance requirements.