Self-Contained Portables

Auto-Contenido Presurizado Tanque Grande de Acero Inoxidable 304 ASME


Auto-Contenido Presurizado Tanque Grande de Acero Inoxidable 304 ASME


For areas where plumbed potable water is not available, Encon's 15 minute supply self-contained and portable eyewash stations meet ANSI Z358.1 requirements for eyewash. Encon offers several choices for self-contained eyewash stations including pressurized, gravity fed, and sealed-cartridge portables.
  • Device Operation: Pressurized Vessel Feed
  • Vessel: 304 Stainless Steel ASME/CRN 37-gallon Tank
  • Certifications: ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014

Producto # 01106001

Piping & Valves

½" BCP piping; ½" CP bronze stay-open ball valve with CP ball; SS valve stem; SS push plate with actuation graphic


ABS plastic heads and ABS Wye with SS bead chains securing covers; self-adjusting 0.4 gpm (1.5 lpm)


  • 5-gallon capacity; 304 SS; 25"" x 8¼"" with carrying handles
  • 13-gallon capacity; 304 SS ASME/CRN rated
  • 37-gallon capacity; 304 SS ASME/CRN rated

Relief Valve

5-gallon, 13-gallon & 37-gallon: Brass; automatically opens at 115 psi


Custom face gauge visually indicates tank pressure status

Water Treatment Additive

Two bottles of 8oz. Hydrosep®; each bottle treats 5 to 20 gallons for 180 days

Drench Hose Option

  • Valve – 3⁄8" BCP, self-closing, lock-open handle
  • Head – Solvent-resistant ABS single spray head; self-adjusting 5.0 gpm (18.75 lpm)

Cart Options

  • 13-gallon: Dolly Cart, Yellow ABS. Model #01103008
  • 37-gallon: Tubular steel with retaining chains

Ship Weight

  • 5-gallon: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
  • 13-gallon: 32 lbs (14.52 kg)
  • 37-gallon: 160 lbs (72.6 kg)