Ensuring Workplace Safety: The Vital Role of Weekly Tests and Inspections for Emergency Eyewash Stations and Safety Showers

Risks and accidents in the workplace In workplaces where hazardous materials are handled, the risk of accidents is ever-present. According to a report made by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, it was reported that 11,330 workers were affected by chemical exposures, 36,840 experienced exposures to harmful substances or environmen...

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​User Notice: Potential Interference for Encon Aquarion® Gravity Fed Eyewash Nozzle Assembly and Connector 2

User-Notice-Aquarion-Gravity-Fed-Eyewash-Assembly-Instruction 319 kb Download Files Encon Safety Products has identified a potential interference issue with the orientation of the Connector 2 components in some Encon Aquarion® Gravity Fed Eyewash systems. If you use or distribute the Encon Aquarion® Gravity Fed Eyewash station, please read this ful...

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