Protective Vests & Air Distribution Systems

Air Delivery System Components Waist Belt


Air Delivery System Components Waist Belt

Heavy duty 2" nylon waist belt, adjustable length. Used to hold up the Personal Air Conditioner (PAC) to the users body. Fits underneath the Air Distribution Vest.

Maintain maximum worker productivity and comfort with Encon's Heat Stress Protective Vests and Air Distribution Systems. Excessive heat can be a major contributor to worker fatigue resulting in possible health risks and production loss. With Encon's Heat Stress Vests and Air Distribution Systems, a micro-environment is created for the worker, providing cooling air up to 40°F less than the incoming air temperature, and much cooler than ambient temperatures.

Product # 01640008


The Air Delivery System Components are the PAC's, Hoses and a Waist Belt that the end user purchases, individually, to complete the Cooling System. These components are combined with either the Torso Cooling System or the Torso/Collar Cooling System.