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Torso Cooling System Vest Air Distribution Vest - Size Regular

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Torso Cooling System Vest Air Distribution Vest - Size Regular

  • Regular size vest fits 50" chest.
  • Air distribution vest with sewn-in air channels
  • 12.5 oz green flame resistant cotton outer vest
  • Lightweight system—vest, belt and vortex. Combined weigh under 3 lbs.
  • Easily donned for quick set up and use
  • 40° F drop from incoming air temperature
  • ¾" GHT female connector for Personal Air Conditioner (PAC)
Maintain maximum worker productivity and comfort with Encon's Heat Stress Protective Vests and Air Distribution Systems. Excessive heat can be a major contributor to worker fatigue resulting in possible health risks and production loss. With Encon's Heat Stress Vests and Air Distribution Systems, a micro-environment is created for the worker, providing cooling air up to 40°F less than the incoming air temperature, and much cooler than ambient temperatures.
  • Vest Size: Regular (Reg)
  • CFM Output: 6-17 CFM
  • Air Supply Hose: 3/8" x 25' hose
  • Torso Cooling System Vest: Regular (Reg)

Product # 02636032


The Torso Cooling System is a combination of products to maintain maximum worker productivity and comfort. Each part sold separately.


Available Separately:

  • Waist Belt
  • 3/8"" x 25' Air Supply Hose
  • Personal Air Conditioner (PAC) providing 6-17 CFM output