SCBA Wall Cases

Single SCBA Wall Case Molded Top Shelf, SCBA Strap, SCBA Graphics, AGV Window


Single SCBA Wall Case Molded Top Shelf, SCBA Strap, SCBA Graphics, AGV Window

Protecting the contents from potentially damaging and corrosive atmospheres is the prime objective of any protective wall case. Encon® equipment storage wall cases provide a superior seal to protect vital equipment in caustic atmospheres.
  • SCBA Unit Volume: 1
  • Door Features: Industrial Neoprene Bulb Seal,Interlocking Hinges,Internal Dual Latch Closure
  • Interior Options: Customizable Shelving,Heating Options Available,Multiple Equipment Options
  • Case Construction: Chemical Resistant Structural Foam

Product # WC11Y10B

  • Tamper seal security feature - door cannot be opened without breaking the seal.
  • Molded plastic construction made of chemical resistant ABS structural foam.
  • Three well spaced interlocking hinges provide excellent support for the door and reduce door deflection when in the open position.
  • Bulb rubber gasket provides virtual air tight seal.
  • Optional large viewing window (clear polycarbonate) positioned on lower portion of door to provide for a SCBA Air Gauge Viewer (AGV).
  • Internal dual latch closure allows for two points of contact to help ensure door seal.
  • Quarter turn handle provides for quick and easy access to case contents.
  • ABS notched storage shelf for mark/hose attachment.
  • Heating capability for cold environments (available on specifically ordered models).
  • SCBA storage case models offer choice of a fully adjustable steel bracket or ballistic nylon and Velcro® strap retaining systems.
  • High visibility black graphics on a choice of listed colors.
  • Multiple equipment storage options with variety of shelving options.