SCBA Wall Cases

Dual SCBA Wall Case for wider harness ergonomic SCBA units


Dual SCBA Wall Case for wider harness ergonomic SCBA units

Protecting the contents from potentially damaging and corrosive atmospheres is the prime objective of any protective wall case. Encon® equipment storage wall cases provide a superior seal to protect vital equipment in caustic atmospheres.
  • SCBA Unit Volume: 2
  • Door Features: Industrial Neoprene Bulb Seal,HD Custom Formed Continuous Hinge
  • Case Construction: ABS Polymer Case,Stainless Steel External Hardware

Product # 01333301

Encon's Dual SCBA Wall Case Stores Two SCBA's in User Ready Position

Encon's dual wall case provides protection for two self-contained breathing apparatus in locations with corrosive atmospheres.  Storage in the wall case ensures the equipment will be in optimal condition for emergency situations.

Features and Benefits Include

  • Holds 2 SCBA's or 1 SCBA and 1 Spare Tank
  • Accommodates new wider harness ergonomic models
  • ABS polymer case resists weathering and corrosion
  • Heavy duty custom formed stainless steel continuous hinge
  • All stainless external hardware
  • Industrial Neoprene® bulb seal between door & case provides excellent seal