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Green with white graphics.

Having highly visible signage to go along with illumination will provide the most effective way for your workers to see where help is when they need it the most. Encon® manufactures the best optional signage available in an assortment of hi-viz colors.
Product # 35001810

Awareness 360º™ is a radical departure in signage. It is designed for universal emergency shower application, it provides maxium multi-directional visibility and offers impact protection from dirt and debris to the shower head.

• Round design for multidirectional visibility

• Easy installation directly onto shower piping, no hardware needed

• For use on Therma-Flow® freeze-protected showers and most shower configurations

• Universally recognizable shower and eyewash icons

• Highly visible colors

• Durable corrosion-resistant plastic makes sign suitable for use in various types of indoor and outdoor applications

• Capable of withstanding high winds



• 16 1/5″ dia. ×6″ H